Prophetic Training at Home!   

Level 1 - Prophetic Fundamentals Home Study Course 

- 8 Lessons -  

Our next class are on Mondays beginning Mar. 29, 2021 @ 8:30 PM  EST (New York Time) 

Learn biblical instruction in the ability to hear God's voice.  This course is designed to help you hear God's voice, develop and stir up your prophetic gifting in a safe learning, non-threatening environment - Your HOME!  For laymen to clergy.  This course is vital to sharpening your prophetic gifting !    

Our Prophetic Home Study Course is specifically designed for those who:  

  • are not in ministry and want a deeper experience in knowing God, hearing His voice and want to grow their prophetic gifting  
  • desire to sharpen their prophetic gifting  
  • are beginning and wanting to learn how ministering prophetically works 
  • are already operating in the prophetic and want to be stretched to grow more 
  • are a ministry leader and want to be more effective  

Here's what is offered in our School of the Prophetic Home Study Course:  

  • Interactive training with a live instructor  
  • 10 Different Activation Exercises (practice exercises hearing God and ministering to others)  
  • Feedback on exercises 
  • Personal prophetic ministry recorded by our trained team  
  • Downloadable lesson guide  
  • Optional Personal Coaching 
  • 8 lessons  


Lesson 1 - Designed to Hear God's Voice  
Learn scriptural insights on how you can hear God.  
Learn to overcome the hindrances to hearing God's voice.  

Lesson 2 - Stirring Up the Prophetic Gift  
Learn basic steps to stir up the prophetic gifting in you.  
Apply a prayer model that works for prophesying.  

Lesson 3 - The Voice of the Holy Spirit  
Understand the different ways the Holy Spirit reveals / communicates with you.  
This lesson and exercises are designed to help you be more sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Lesson 4  -  The Ways God Speaks 
God can speak in various ways. 
Understand the primary way God speaks and deals with you through multiple exercises. 

Lesson 5  -  Prophetic Intimacy 
Learn how to apply the fundamentals of intimacy to ministering prophetically. 
Understand and apply spiritual concepts to get closer to God. 

Lesson 6  -  Prophetic Teams 
This lesson teaches you how to minister with a prophetic team. 
Exercises designed for ministering on teams. 

Lesson 7  -  3 More Keys 
The last of the 21 Prophetic Keys plus more prophetic exercises. 

Lesson 8 - Review and More Prophetic Exercises 

Basic Home Study Course Enrollment

  • 8 Weekly Lessons 
  • Private Link for Class Access 
  • Downloadable Lesson Guides 
  • 10+ Activation Exercises 
  • Personal Prophecy by Trained Prophetic Team
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Elite Home Study Course plus PRIVATE 45-minute coaching session. 

Receive all options of the basic plan, plus a single PRIVATE one-on-one 45-minute prophetic coaching session.   Community members, log in to receive 25% discount.  Additional coaching sessions can be arranged.