Free Intro Course - March 9, 2021

Our Mission: 

Our mission is to provide training, resources, and tools to Kingdom believers wanting to enhance their ability to ministering prophetic gifting with demonstration of God's Spirit and power.


Who joins our community?

The people who join our community are believers looking to stay plugged into a safe, prophetic learning environment.  Many in our community have completed one or more levels of our prophetic training program and know the value of connecting with other prophetic people. 

Our Prophetic Alumni students offer wisdom and experience to community members looking to sharpen their prophetic gifting.  You will be inspired in the prophetic on a regular basis.

Our community learns together, grows together, and encourages each other.

    Benefits of Joining our Community 

    Regardless of your calling or title, there are no big "I's" and little "you's."  This community provides a platform for continued growth in your prophetic gifting while inspiring others.  

    Join today and gain immediate access to audio lessons on: 

    • Hearing God's Voice 
    • Prophetic Tips 
    • Prayer and prayer examples  


    • Live Monthly Prophetic Group Coaching and Q&A's 
    • Alumni's Roundtable: Special sessions for former students  
    • Prophetic Presbytery - Periodic Prophetic Ministry sessions 
    • 25% Discount on courses and products 
    • Teaching/Resource Bundles added monthly 

    Allow this song to minister to you while you peruse our community site.